Mar. 2024 The paper “Localization in Digital Twin MIMO Networks: A Case for Massive Fingerprinting” has been accepted to IEEE ICC Workshops 2024.


Mar. 2024 The paper “Environment Semantic Communication: Enabling Distributed Sensing Aided Networks” is available on arXiv.


Jan. 2024 Two papers are available on arXiv. Zone-Specific CSI Feedback for Massive MIMO: A Situation-Aware Deep Learning Approach Decentralized Interference-Aware Codebook Learning in Millimeter Wave MIMO Systems


Jan. 2024 Two papers have been accepted to the IEEE ICC 2024. ISAC with Backscattering RFID Tags: Joint Beamforming Design Digital Twin Aided Massive MIMO: CSI Compression and Feedback


Dec. 2023 The paper “User Identification: A Key Enabler for Multi-User Vision-Aided Communications” has been accepted to IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society.


Nov. 2023 Ph.D. students João Morais and Gouranga Charan successfully organized the machine learning competition “Multi-Modal Beam Prediction Challenge 2023” based on DeepSense 6G V2V data. The competition has come to an end, and the winners will be revealed soon.


Nov. 2023 Ph.D. student Tawfik Osman presented his paper “Vehicle Cameras Guide mmWave Beams: Approach and Real-World V2V Demonstration” at Asilomar. Ph.D. student Umut Demirhan presented his paper “Cell-free Joint Sensing and Communication MIMO: A Max-Min Fair Beamforming Approach” at Asilomar.


Oct. 2023 The paper “Online Beam Learning with Interference Nulling for Millimeter Wave MIMO Systems” has been accepted to IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications.


Aug. 2023 The paper “Camera Based mmWave Beam Prediction: Towards Multi-Candidate Real-World Scenarios” is available on arXiv.


Aug. 2023 The paper “Sensing Aided Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for 3GPP 5G Transparent Operation” has been accepted to IEEE Transactions on Communications.