ISAC with Backscattering RFID Tags:
Joint Beamforming Design

Accepted to the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), 2024

Hao Luo, Umut Demirhan, and Ahmed Alkhateeb

Wireless Intelligence Lab, ASU

This figure illustrates the considered MIMO ISAC system, where an access point transmits sensing and communication waveforms to communicate with a user while detecting a passive RFID tag. This system could be applicable, for instance, in the context of RFID-aided inventory management and surveillance systems within a warehouse, as depicted in the figure.


In this paper, we explore an integrated sensing and communication (ISAC) system with backscattering RFID tags. In this setup, an access point employs a communication beam to serve a user while leveraging a sensing beam to detect an RFID tag. Under the total transmit power constraint of the system, our objective is to design sensing and communication beams by considering the tag detection and communication requirements. First, we adopt zero-forcing to design the beamforming vectors, followed by solving a convex optimization problem to determine the power allocation between sensing and communication. Then, we study a joint beamforming design problem with the goal of minimizing the total transmit power while satisfying the tag detection and communication requirements. To resolve this, we re-formulate the non-convex constraints into convex second-order cone constraints. The simulation results demonstrate that, under different communication SINR requirements, joint beamforming optimization outperforms the zero-forcing-based method in terms of achievable detection distance, offering a promising approach for the ISAC-backscattering systems.

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Reproducing the Results


If you want to use the scripts in this page, please cite the following paper:
H. Luo, U. Demirhan, and A. Alkhateeb, “ISAC with Backscattering RFID Tags: Joint Beamforming Design,” arXiv preprint arXiv:2401.09761, 2024.

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